Thursday, March 7, 2013

Jpilot on Slackware

The Slackbuild readme is missing some key information that is very simple to add (not sure why the maintainer failed to post this as Jpilot is useless without it).

For your user to sync a palm device it must first be added to the dialout group

Second, you may need to edit the preferences in Jpilot:

File --> Preferences --> Settings
   Click the drop-down menu 'Serial Port' and select usb: (if you are using a usb device like I am)
   Click the drop-down menu 'Serial Rate' and select anything 19200 or lower (the higher serial rates may not work, if you are getting problems keep lowering the serial rate, some have reported that 9600 is the highest they can use.  I am able to use 19200, experiment with your system)
   Click Ok

Now for the sync part.  DO NOT click the sync button on Jpilot first!!!!  It will not sync.  You must first click the sync button on your Palm cradle or from the palm hotsync app on your device FIRST, then click the sync button on Jpilot.

Same for when trying to do a backup.

Now that jpilot works for your user, you will probably just buy an overpriced iPhone POS or an ultra buggy crash happy android device.  I warn you, you are just wasting your time with that crap.  Keep your palm, or give it to me!

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  1. I had to add my user to the dialout group in order to sync via usb:
    Also as I have 64bit Slackware in order to make operative the jpilot plugins I had to
    1. create the /usr/lib/jpilot/plugins/ directory
    2. symlink all plugins in /usr/lib64/jpilot/plugins into that directory