Saturday, May 19, 2012

Slackware remove Samyak/Oriya


Please uninstall the Samyak/Oriya font, e.g. 'sudo dpkg -r ttf-oriya-fonts', then log out and

log in again. That font causes strange crashes in .net programs.


to remove the font package

# its part of the ttf-indic-fonts package, so we need to remove it

removepkg ttf-indic-fonts-

# There is another refernece to this font in a fonts.dir file, we need to delete that reference or it will think the font is still installed, there are two ways to do this

# run the following commands in the /usr/share/fonts directory

grep -nr samy . | sed 's@\(Samyak\)@@'

grep -nr oriy . | sed 's@\(Oriya\)@@'

**or just emacs /usr/share/fonts/TTF/fonts.dir  Search for Samyak delete that line save**

after the oriya and samyak fonts and all mentions of them are removed, log out and log back in.

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