Monday, May 21, 2012

Slackware Community is killing their own distro

I have been using Slackware for over 3 years now.  I really like it a lot, but am seriously considering abandoning it 100% due to the community of Slackware users.  Their anti-help and high ego attitude is ruining the distribution for everyone.  Ok ok, there isn't an *official* community, which is the main problem.  Why don't the developers get on the ball and have an OFFICIAL irc room and forum for slackware users?  Right now people are stuck with ##slackware and  And when you go into the irc channel new users are CONSTANTLY being flamed and baited.  Anytime someone asks for help the first answer they get from about 5 people is RTFM, man foo, or LMGTFY.  Seriously?  Yes sometimes there are bad questions being asked, but I see a lot of very legitimate questions being asked and no answers given.

There is also a lot of sexual harassment going on in that channel, the oppers know about it, but nothing is being done about it, their answer is /ignore.  Well, I disagree, when people are acting this immature on an irc network that is geared toward helping others, then these people who are trolling need to be banned or KLINED.

Slackware is losing IMO, it is losing users, good users who want to help the community but are constantly being harassed.  Where is the help?  Where is the community?  It's ironic how the Slackers like to elevate themselves above others, thinking they are far superior is intelligence and maturity, but the reality is, they are just a bunch of immature 12 year-olds.  Seriously guys, grow up!

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