Sunday, June 3, 2012


I was having a lot of issues getting some steam games woring under wine.  This issue was prfesent on two machines.  One a desktop, AMD with NVIDIA GPU, thebother, ASUS N35SV laptop with Sandybridge.  At first I thought it was an issuewith Bumblebee not cooperating with wine and steam, but I was getting the same problems on my Desktop, so I started messing around with wine some more.


Install wine it its own instance via winetricks
WINEPREFIX=/foo winetricks steam

This will probably create a steam folder in ~/.local but wecan always move it later if we want.  You're choice.
Next figure out what other winetricks you need.  Most likely and unfortunately you will need .NET

WINEPREFIX=/foo winetricks dotnet20

If it barfs at you about fonts, see my post on how to remove them, then run the same command again.

You will probably also need direct x drivers and service pack drivers.  Install al with winetricks, if possible.  I ran into an issue with servicepacks, so I had to grab them of Micro$hafts website.  Just google it, or if you love Micro$haft, use Bing.

Also, steam has an option to backup and then restore your saved games.  I have tested it and so-far it works.  So if you dont want to spend 27+ hours redownloading over 100 gigs, then use thebackup and restore option.  I did however notice an issue with backing up under wine.  When it reached 100% it just hung there saying it was archiving (I forget exactly what it said) so after a few hours I checked my system tonsee if it was actualy doing anything (cpu activity, HDD activity, ram, swap) there was no action, so I looked in the folder where it was suppose to save the file.  It was ther intact (from what I could tell) so I simply killed Steam, restarted and began gaming.

If games are still not playing, you might need to disable the in-game Community Overlay

Steam --> Settings --> In-Game --> Deslect the Steam Community In-Game check box. you may also need to install gecko, tehoma, and corefonts.

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