Monday, June 4, 2012

Enlightenment hacks


If you want to put a quicklaunch of Enligtenment's file manager on your IBar:

Right-click on the IBar --> IBar--> create new icon

Under applications type:

enlightenment_remote -efm-open-dir $HOME

Name it whatever you feel like it, choose an icon you like, click apply, save, then add the new icon to your IBar

Right-click on the IBar --> IBar --> Contents

Scroll down to the icon you created (sorted by name alphabetically)

Adding a systray for all the programs that are running:

Right-click on your shelf --> shelf bottom --> contents

click on systray

you will need to exit Enlightenment and restart it (DONT click the restart button, that will not enable it)  just exit the DE and startx again.


The Enlightenment devs seem to think their software is stable or at least not beta.  BEWARE IMO it is and should be in the ALPHA stage, there are tons of bugs and minor issues that will annoy you.  You have been warned.

I no longer use E17 after playing around with it for only 30 minutes.  Too many issues to worry about.  But I continue to look at it after each new release to see if they actually fixed anything to make it useable.

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