Monday, June 4, 2012

Manually Configure Blogilo

The auto-fetch option for blogger did not work for me so I manully configured Blogilo to use blogger. This is my first post from Blogilo (lets hope it actually posts)
Login to your blog via webpage (you may have to click on the name of your blog to get the correct url ID, copy the location)
Add your username and password
Click on the Advanced tab
Select from the dropdown menu
copy just the blog id number from the url (this was the first step we did)
click OK

EDIT:  This apparently is not working on slackware-current which uses Blogilo version 1.1 and KDE version 4.8.4.  There is an error message:  An error occured in the last transaction. Server (Atom) error: Could not regexp the id out of the result.

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  1. Sadly this is not working as of KDE 4.10 either. Same error message.